Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How can I purchase Ayurvedic products from Ayurveda Shakti?

We have made it convenient for you to purchase our Ayurvedic products directly from our website. You must visit our online store, browse our range of products, select the ones you desire, and proceed to the secure checkout process. 


Q-Can I access the products at cash on delivery?

Yes, we provide cash-on-delivery options on all our products. However, your purchase amount must meet a certain level as defined in the checkout. Our cash-on-delivery option allows you to make payments using cash and other UPI methods. 


Q-Are your Ayurvedic products and treatments suitable for all ages and genders?

Yes, Ayurveda is suitable for people of all ages and genders. We offer a wide range of products and treatments that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals, irrespective of their age or gender. 


Q-Do you offer flexible payment methods?

Ayurveda Shakti provides flexible payment options to its users to ensure a seamless payment process. We accept cash on delivery, credit and debit cards, net banking services, wallet payments etc., on all our domestic orders. While for international orders, we offer payment methods like PayPal and credit cards only. 


Q-Are the products of Ayurveda Shakti sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly?

Yes, sustainability lies in the core value of Ayurveda Shakti. We carefully select and source our Ayurvedic ingredients from trusted suppliers who follow ethical and sustainable practices. We use recyclable packaging materials and support eco-friendly initiatives throughout our business operations.


Q-How long will it take for an Ayurveda Shakti product to show results?

Ayurvedic products take time to show results. Our products are known to deliver faster results if they are incorporated well with a good diet and lifestyle. Some people may experience the changes early, while some may experience it late. However, we assure you that it will be worth the wait. 


Q-How to cancel my order?

If your order has already been shipped, you cannot cancel the order. However, if you cancel it before the processing stage, the cancellation can be done. You must hit the “Cancel Order” option from the “My Orders” tab. Your order amount will be initiated immediately and will be credited back within 7-8 working days.  


Q-What is the delivery process of Ayurveda Shakti?

At Ayurveda Shakti, we prioritize a smooth delivery process for our valued customers. We collaborate with trusted courier service providers to ensure reliable deliveries. Once your order is dispatched, it is sent to dedicated delivery hubs, and we promptly share all relevant information with you. These details help you track your order and directly communicate with the delivery partner.


Q-What health concerns are solved by the products of Ayurveda Shakti?

Our products cure long-standing health concerns like hair fall, diabetes, body pain, muscle and joint pain, weight loss/ weight gain etc. Our products are designed to improve the overall health of a person and protect them from any health concerns in the near future. 


Q-Can I expect any hidden side effects from these products?

No, there are no side effects to using Ayurveda Shakti products. Our products are naturally sourced and clinically tested by doctors and lab experts. These products are prepared with the best practices that are in compliance with top-notch quality standards.