Which Ayurveda is best for weight gain?

Which Ayurveda is best for weight gain?

Are you not gaining any weight and looking too skinny? Your high metabolism is the reason why you burn fat quickly. To gain weight, you should adjust your diet, take some herbal concoctions, and modify your lifestyle, as people with fast metabolisms are typically vata dosha. It is possible to gain weight with numerous Ayurvedic Weight Gain Products.

How does Ayurveda help in gaining weight?

To aid in weight gain, Ayurveda makes use of all-natural ingredients. When you turn to Ayurveda, you are not using drugs or commercial medicines but returning to nature. Most Ayurvedic products come in capsule or powder form, making ingestion a breeze, and the doses are generally quite low. One such supplement is Vajan Vardhak weight gain Powder, a natural weight gainer that claims to help increase weight without side effects.

Ayurveda medicine for weight gain


Chyavanprash consists of five different Ayurvedic herbs. As a significant ayurvedic preparation, it is employed to gain mass. This product regularly increases your risk of gaining weight by strengthening your bones and muscles. Besides boosting your immunity, eating it also makes you hungry.

Vasant Kusumakar Ras

A consultation with a trained Ayurvedic doctor is required before using this drug. Not only does it help you bulk up, but it also improves your memory, skin tone, and facial attractiveness.

Ashwagandha Churna

An essential component of ayurvedic medicine, Ashwagandha Churna has an unexpected effect on weight gain. Its effectiveness in adding muscle mass to the body is multiplied if combined with a high-calorie diet.


In Ayurveda, this herb plays a significant role because of its ability to regulate fluid levels. Additionally, it aids in digestion. It aids in weight gain when consumed regularly.


Ayurvedic medicine's role in boosting the body's immune system makes it an effective aid in putting on weight.


Honey, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, coriander seeds, and white caraway seeds are just some of the ingredients. It improves digestion and the body's immune system. It aids in weight gain by stimulating digestion. You can take it before each meal, twice a day.

Patanjali Badam Pak

It comprises almonds, ghee, cardamom, jaiphal, saffron, cinnamon, clove, and Swarna bhasma. Gaining weight is helpful. In addition, it can help with issues like stress, fatigue, and bowel obstruction. It's recommended to drink it with milk twice a day.


This ayurvedic syrup helps keep things moving along in the bathroom. Some ingredients include cardamom, cinnamon, long pepper, jaggery, black pepper, vidanga, and pippali. It helps the body fight off illness and provides energy. Women who are expecting or nursing should avoid taking it.


This ayurvedic herb is known to stimulate hunger after consumption. As a result, it can be used to achieve weight gain. Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are added to boost the body's defences and health. You can have a tablespoon of it three times a day.


Weak immunity, malnourishment, hormonal imbalance, etc., are serious issues that can arise from being underweight. If your body cannot absorb the food you eat, eating more will not help. Focus on getting stronger and more toned rather than getting fatter. These weight gain ayurvedic medicines will help you gain weight if you exercise well. 

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