Privacy Policy

We at Ayurveda Shakti prioritise the utmost standards in safeguarding our customers' personal information and addressing their privacy concerns. Our comprehensive privacy policy ensures safe and secure transactions along with the safety of information collected on our platform. We have started our detailed privacy policy in the sections below. We have also shared a clear procedure for how data collected on our platform is used and implemented to customise our offering for the audience. 


It is also important for the users to note that these privacy and policy terms are subjective in nature. They may change with time without any advance or predetermined notice to the interested party. Hence, we suggest that users keep a check on the privacy policy at regular times to be aware of the changes in policy as early as possible.


Our team at Ayurveda Shakti is committed to providing a seamless user experience to our users. We ensure that our privacy terms are designed in the best interest of our users by giving them an overview of how their information is used on our website. Every step of our privacy policy is undertaken with the view of mutual gain for both buyer and seller. 


The privacy policy of Ayurveda Shakti also reflects how we protect the security of the information undertaken on our platform. We use and modify the collected information at any time, depending on the ongoing circumstances. Our privacy policy will also mention the full process of how our users can prevent the use of their personal information. 


If any user is surfing the website of Ayurveda Shakti, then they express their sincere consent for the use of their personal information. However, if, as a user, you do not agree to our privacy policy, you are requested not to use our website for any purpose. Our privacy policy has the following terms and conditions for our website surfers.


Terms and Conditions 


1- Use of all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other basic user information 


Ayurveda Shakti's information collection practices are solely aimed at ensuring accurate and tailored services for our users. The majority of the information we gather on our website is basic in nature and may be collected even before a purchase is completed or a refund is requested. This includes details such as name, address, phone number, date of birth, email address, cart or purchase information, language preference, user IP address, operating system, browser type, and browser version.


We take this opportunity to declare that we have no intention of selling or disseminating the personal information of our users to third parties. Ayurveda Shakti also employs automatic tracking mechanisms to gather basic information about users based on their interactions with the website. This information is utilised for internal research purposes, enabling us to gain insights into user demographics, interests, and website behaviour, ultimately enhancing our understanding of our users.


The information we gather is compiled and analysed in an aggregated manner, ensuring the anonymity of individual users. It's worth mentioning that our collected information includes the URL of the website you accessed before visiting ours, regardless of whether it was linked to our website or not. Additionally, we are able to detect the URL you navigate to after leaving our website, thanks to your browser information and IP address which are briefly available when you initially access our website.


Debit Card, Credit Card, and Banking Information 


Our platform does not collect any debit or credit card or any banking information of our customers. The payment details entered by our customers on our payment gateway are directly transferred to your payment network for deducting of the amount. 


2- Registration 


There are some features on our website that are only accessible if you register on our platform and create a free account. Our registration form may ask for details like name, email address, and password. You may have to create a password for an easy login for the next time. This is a part of our security system that our users will perform. In cases where the password of the user is compromised, then they must immediately change it and devise a new one. 


3-Technologies that are part of our user's seamless website experience 


As previously mentioned, we utilise diverse technologies to gather specific details about your website visit, such as the URL (Uniform Resource Locator), Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, browser language, and the date and time of your visit. This information enables us to personalise your experience and ensure a seamless user journey. For instance, by collecting your IP address, we can identify your device and geographical region, which helps us generate valuable statistics and enhance our services accordingly.


Occasionally, we may combine these technologies with your personal information on our website to analyse your browsing history. This allows us to save your preferences for future use and provide a more personalised experience. Below, we offer a brief overview of the technologies we employ to give you a better understanding of how they operate.


Tracking Links and Web Beacons 


Web beacons, typically called clear gifs and pixel tags, consisting of a few lines of code embedded within our website pages. They work in conjunction with cookies, and although they may not be visible to users, they play a significant role behind the scenes. Web beacons and tracking links are primarily utilised to transmit information to third parties or our service providers, allowing them to track user responses to newly posted advertisements, among other purposes. This facilitates targeted advertising and enhances customer support efforts at Ayurveda Shakti. It's important to note that rejecting cookies on our website prevents web beacons from collecting such information, which may result in limited access to certain special features on our site.


Website Cookies 


Ayurveda Shakti implements data collection tools such as "cookies" on specific pages of our website to assess various parameters. These cookies play a crucial role in analysing web page flow, measuring promotional activities' effectiveness, and enhancing trust and safety measures. In simple terms, cookies refer to small files that are stored on a hard drive of the user, enabling us to deliver our comprehensive range of services. It's important to note that certain features on Ayurveda Shakti's website are only accessible if you accept the cookie feature.


We also use cookies to enable an easy login for our users without having to add passwords time and again. These cookies also help in delivering information that is suitable for the targeted audience. As part of our cookie policy, we also employ "session cookies" that are automatically removed from your hard drive once your browsing session concludes. This means that you have the option to decline our cookies if your browser provides such a choice. However, please note that if you opt to use the special features on our website, you may be prompted to enter your password more frequently.


4-How we use your personal information and demographic profile 


Ayurveda Shakti utilises the personal information of its users to ensure a personalised surfing experience for our users. You can always access the option that says "opt-out" if you wish to withdraw the use of your information from our platform. Since we thrive on the sole purpose of rendering a hassle-free surfing experience, we also use this personal information to solve technical errors like troubleshooting errors etc.


By accepting cookies on our platform, you gain access to information regarding our various online and offline offers, products, services, and more. These cookies also play a vital role in safeguarding our platform against fraudulent activities and other criminal behaviours. As our team continuously strives to enhance our products and services, we collect and analyse the demographic profiles of our users to better understand their activity status on our platform.


In addition to the aforementioned practices, we utilise your IP address to identify any server issues and monitor the responsiveness of our website. Through our tracking link, your IP address helps us recognise you and gather additional demographic information. Furthermore, we may occasionally request our users to participate in online surveys and questionnaires to gather specific information. This may include details such as zip code, income level, age, gender, etc. Such information is utilised to personalise your experience on our website, ensuring that our content is tailored to your needs.


5-The mutual gain analysis of the gathered information 


Marketing Emails 

If you provide us with your email address, Ayurveda Shakti will utilise it for email marketing purposes, bringing forth a two-way benefit. By subscribing, you will gain access to our newsletters, surveys, updates on new products, and exclusive promotional offers. However, if you no longer wish to receive such information, you can easily opt-out by clicking the "unsubscribe" link provided in our emails.


Text Messages 

By providing us with your phone number, you may receive alerts regarding our products, services, promotional offers, and other relevant information via text messages. Ayurveda Shakti does not impose any charges on our users for receiving these texts. However, please note that standard rates for receiving text messages may be applicable as determined by your mobile service provider.


Telephone Calls 

By providing us with your mobile number, you may receive calls from our team regarding the product and services of Ayurveda Shakti. We may inform you about the promotional offers from time to time. However, the user is free to unsubscribe anytime they want! 



At Ayurveda Shakti, we treat any personal details shared by users in regard to employment, such as resumes, with the utmost confidentiality. We consider such information for both current and future vacancy requirements within our team. If found suitable, our team may contact you regarding potential employment opportunities. 


Advertisements on Ayurveda Shakti 

Our organisation uses both in-house as well as third-party advertising campaigns to post advertisements on our website. Such third-party companies may access your information or the number of visits to the ad to measure their advertisement effectiveness. 


Link to other websites 

For some of our campaigns, we may include links to third-party websites on our platform. It's important to note that once you click on these links, you will be redirected away from our website. However, please be aware that these linked sites are not within our control, and Ayurveda Shakti holds no responsibility for the content they provide or their privacy policies. These links are solely provided on our website for the convenience and reference of our users, and their inclusion does not imply endorsement of the linked sites. 


Business Transfer 

In any case of amalgamation and acquisition of Ayurveda Shakti with other affiliates, the personal information of our users will be shared with another organisation. Such cases require the newly emerged entity to follow all these privacy policies. 


Choice/ Opt-out 

At Ayurveda Shakti, we respect the preferences of our users. Therefore, we offer the option for all users to opt out of receiving promotional messages, calls, emails, or any other form of communication from us. If you no longer wish to receive such messages, you can easily unsubscribe or opt out using the provided mechanisms. 


Policy Change 

The privacy policy of Ayurveda Shakti is subject to change with time. Any changes that take place on our website will be promptly posted on our website under the privacy and policy section. If the changes in the policies are not prominent, then they will not be posted on the website. Our team will also keep the precious policies in the archive section so that users can review and compare the changes. 


Feedback Mechanism 

The feedback of our users is crucial to us! If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Our dedicated team will respond to your inquiries promptly and work towards addressing any concerns you may have. Your satisfaction and the appropriate resolution of your issues are our top priorities.



Our website is not designed to be used by individuals below 18 years of age. The tracking links on the website of Ayurveda Shakti do not collect information on a user below 18 years of age. If any minor users still use it, they must not share their personal details on the website. 


Your consent 

When you utilise our website and provide us with your information, you consent to collecting and using your personal data. We value your feedback and encourage you to contact us if you believe our information or policy is incorrect or missing. We will conduct thorough research and analysis to rectify errors promptly. Your satisfaction and trust are of utmost importance to us.